DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Xavier Artigas and Diethield Meier
Spain 2009 32 min.

VjJúlia has been sewing dresses for the gypsies in Barcelona’s Gràcia district all her life. She feels that now that she is 80, it is time to retire. Thus, Maritxi’s wedding dress will be the very last dress of her career. This project will give us insight to the trade, the lifestyle and the daily environment of a woman who adores her work and who is capable of creating genuine works of art with a needle and thread. It is the story of a non-gypsy who has come to be loved and cherished more than anyone else by the gypsy women.

Screenplay: Xavier Artigas, Diethield Meier
Director of Photography: Alfonso Moral 
Editor: Meritxell Colell
Sound: Martí Maymó, Joan Escriu
Production Company: Parallel 40
Executive Producer: Marta Castañé


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02-02-2011 10:00 Cinemes Girona
screening for schools only
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