DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Aïda Torrent
Apain 2009 30 min.

LfThe main character of this story is Kimberly Giribaldi Raluy, the youngest member of the Raluy circus. An eleven-year-old girl who is growing up amid the magic and giddiness that characterise everyday life in a circus. Her life is tied to the work that was chosen by her great great grandparents and the nomadic lifestyle that it entails. As a result, Kimberly changes schools every time the circus changes cities.

Executive Producer: Alicia Olivares, Marta Castañé
Screenplay: Aïda Torrent
Director of Photography: Joana Pardos
Editor: Gilles Thomat
Sound: David Paco, Marc Montañés
Production Company: Parallel 40


Date Time Venue Language tickets
02-02-2011 12:00 Cinemes Girona
screening for schools only
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(**) Free Admission

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