DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Claudio Zulian
Spain 2006 90 min

PcWe cover nearly two hours of the life of a district in an uninterrupted long take. On 10th February 2006, between 4 and 6 pm, to be exact. The camera takes us through the Carmel district in Barcelona, through its streets and its squares. Along with the camera, we enter shops, houses, civic centres, offices and workshops. The residents who decide to take part in our project invite us into their homes and daily occupations, offering details of their everyday lives. Facts that suggest both the origins and the future of the city.
This experimental documentary is made up of a single sequence shot with a steady-cam: screen time and lived time thus coincide.

poduction: Monserrat Herrera
Screenplay: Claudio Zulian
Photography: Quique López
Editing: Laura P. Sola
Sound: Alex Ferré, Aleix Cuaresma, Ernest Peral, Raimón Rifé (Polart Digital Sound)
Production companies: ACTEON, Televisió de Catalunya

Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Taiwan, 2008
Split Film Festival – Croatia, 2008
Animation and Documentary Festival DOK Leipzig – Germany, 2007
Sichuan TV Festival - China 2007
DOCUDAYS Beirut International Documentary Festival – Republic of Lebanon, 2007
Catalan Focus of Sitges Film Festival – Spain, 2006


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