DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Sergi Moreno
Spain 2010 23 min.

FjWhy is it so hard for us to grow up? Sergi is 34 years old and at his age, he is going through a maturity crisis that makes him feel fora de joc (hence the title of the film, which means “out of place”). His youth is coming to an end, and Sergi sees that he has not yet made a true niche for himself professionally, economically or personally. This is a source of frustration that keeps him from looking to the future. So, he decides to share his experience with his friends. Maybe they too are suffering from the same epidemic: the hardships of growing up.

Production: Joan Gonzàlez (Parallel40), Francesc Pou (TVC)
Editing: Gilles Thomat
Photography: Anna Molins
Sound: Roger Blasco, David Abadía
Production companies: Planeta Med, S. A. (Parallel40)
Distributor: Planeta Med, S. A. (Parallel40)


Date Time Venue Language tickets
04-02-2011 19:00 Cinemes Girona
VOS Eng *

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(**) Free Admission

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