DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Eva Ariño & Roger Caubet
Spain 2008 26 min.

MijaIn Cuba two verbs are the key for daily improvement: to invent and to solve.
Sandra is preparing the ingredients she needs to cook conger-eel rice. In the meantime, Alexis is making one of his inventions. They are from Guanabacoa, a neighbourhood in Havana resided by Cubans who use national currency and ride bicycles. They do not work for a foreign enterprise and they do not have contacts with tourists or relatives in the USA, so they will have to rack their brains to get what they need.

Production: Eva Ariño, Roger Caubet
Editing: Roger Caubet
Photography: Miquel Abril
Sound: Lucas Vallejo, Angel Berbiela

ALCINE Festival Internacional de Cine de Alcalá de Henares – Spain, 2009


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03-02-2011 18:30 Cinemes Girona
VOS Eng *

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