DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Stephane Goldsand
USA, Mexico 2010 22 min.

LeFaced with his wife's desire to become a mother, a filmmaker goes on a quest to
find out how people decide to have kids and identify the sources of his own hesitation. What emerges is an intimate story, peppered with humor and poignancy, where memories and present moments converge in an effort to redefine a couple's future.
Leap before you look is a first-person short documentary that combines various storytelling styles, including vérité, interviews, narration, animations and family archival material.

Production: Stephane Goldsand
Editing: Stephane Goldsand
Photography: Jon Vatne, Stephane Goldsand
Sound: Carolina Zúñiga, Sarah Hoida
Production companies: Stephane Goldsand


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04-02-2011 19:00 Cinemes Girona
VOS Cat *

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(**) Free Admission

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