DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Jorge Yúdice
Spain 2010 28 min.

LlIt's getting dark. The city lights are coming on. Llums are small, everyday stories that cross over one night in the city of Barcelona. A very quiet night where the characters seem to wander through it without knowing what their fate. Step by step we are building small plots always from a distant perspective, almost voyeuristic, where the talks do not matter. The music and sound on this journey with us to night across a bright and lively city. Some characters end their stories, some only go half way and others begin a new one. An overview of a night on the town ending at dawn. 

Production: Pol Sannicolàs
Editing: Santi Molina
Photography: Iván Rubio
Sound: Kike Bermejo
Music: Truffle (Ibrah Pernedera & Marc Martínez Nadal)
Production companies: Televisió de Catalunya
Distributor: Televisió de Catalunya


Date Time Venue Language tickets
03-02-2011 18:30 Cinemes Girona
VOS Eng *

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(**) Free Admission

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