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Patricio Henríquez

Each year with 7 SHOTS 7, DocsBarcelona invites a prominent figure from the documentary world to select 7 shots or sequences from his-her work to serve as the point of departure for a debate on the audiovisual language.

Seven shots of the invisible
“Documentary filmmakers are fully aware that there are often insurmountable barriers that block us in our search for images of reality, and those barriers mark the line between what is visible and what is invisible. Every once in a while, it happens that the materials from that obscure side of things – where the filmmaker’s camera is obviously prohibited – unexpectedly fall into the public domain. For filmmakers, those are unique and privileged moments. This is precisely how my colleague and friend Luc Côté and I felt in July 2008, when we saw for the first time a video captured by a security camera in an interrogation cell at Guantánamo prison. We owe the scoop to the Supreme Court of Canada, which, agreeing to the request of Omar Khadr’s Canadian attorneys, ordered the country’s secret police to release to the public an interrogation of Khadr carried out by its agents in 2003, when the prisoner was only 16 years old. We immediately knew that we had to take the challenge of transforming those shots, which were captured without any artistic intention at all, into a cinematographic work. Because, despite its dreadful technical quality, this material has the supreme value of revealing a part of that invisible side of a place that is tragically famous for its sinister nature.”

MASTER CLASS - Lecture in Spanish


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04-02-2011 19:00 Auditori de La Pedrera de CatalunyaCaixa
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