DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


- What is the difference between the Pitching Forum and the Festival?

The Pitching Forum is a market for unfinished documentary works looking for financing and distribution.

The Festival presents finished documentaries, which have been previously selected by the programmers of each section, and it is open to the general public. It is competitive.

- What does it mean…?

Glossary of terms:

Pitch: Project presentation in front of the Financing Pitching Panel and professional audience registered as observers.
Financing Pitching Panel: potential financier/ broadcasting representative with decision-making power regarding coproduction and sales, TV representatives, distributors and producers.
Pitcher: person who presents a project.
Observer: person who attends as a listener.
One-to-one meetings: meeting between Financing Pitching Panel and the pitcher(s) that presents a Project.
Pitching Workshop: activity taking place prior to the Pitching Forum where a group of tutors helps the pitchers improve their presentations.

- Can I submit a finished documentary to the Pitching Forum?

No, you can’t. The Pitching Forum is only for documentary projects in development.

- Does my documentary project need to have finance in place before I submit it?

No, it doesn’t.

- Can I submit a project without a video clip?

Yes, but it will diminish your chances of getting selected.

- Can I submit more than one project?

DocsBarcelona will not accept more than 2 projects by each Production Company. Bear in mind that the committee will not select more than one project per company or director.

- Does my project need to be European?

No, it doesn’t. Projects can come from all over the world.

- Do I have to pay to submit a project?

No, you only pay if your project gets selected.

- Can I submit a documentary series project?

Yes, you can. But bear in mind that broadcasters have less slots for documentary series.

- When I try to fill the form to upload the clip, I can’t fill the boxes. What I should do?

You don’t have to fill the boxes, just upload the clip.

- I tried uploading my video clip, and although it’s the right format and it’s not longer than 3 minutes, it won’t let me. What could be the reason?

Probably your video clip is too big. Try to downsize it to 25MB.

- Can I present the same project for both Latin Forum and Pitching Forum?

You can present the same project for the process selection of both activities but you could just participate in one of them

- How do I have to present my project to the Latin Forum?

You have to follow the same process as to present a project to the Pitching Forum but you must include clearly LATIN FORUM in observations box of the registration form

- What does EDN and PROA mean?

EDN means European Documentary Network.
PROA means Productors Audiovisuals Federats (Audiovisual Producers Federated) and it consists of APIC (Association of Independent Producers of Catalunya), BA (Audiovisual Barcelona) and PAC (Audiovisual Producers of Catalunya).