DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Rough Cut Screenings

For the third consecutive year, DocsBarcelona will hold the Rough Cut Screenings. A space conceived for a limited number of filmmakers to present their projects at rough cut stage to a selected group of experts who will carry out an assessment and act as consultants.
Three documentaries will be presented privately to a selection of broadcasters, distributors and sales agents from around the world. The goal is to generate creative and constructive discussions that will favour the projects' entry into the international market.

Rough Cuts selected:

Contact Proof
Nadir Films – Spain

Nanouk Films - Spain

Jonas and the Circus Without Tent
Plano 3 Filmes - Brazil 

Distributors and sales agents:

Melissa Caron - Echo Bridge Entertainment (USA)
Inti Cordera - Docs DF (Mexico)
Osnat Eden-Fraiman - YES TV (Israel)
Cynthia Lopez – POV (USA)
Joan Salvat – TVC (Spain)

(You can check their profiles at Financing Pitching Panel)