DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Selected projects

These are the 24 projects chosen to be pitched at DocsBarcelona Pitching Forum on February 3 and 4.

If you are one of the selected projects, click here

African Surf Academy
Director and pitcher: Matías Basso
Garnata Media - Spain

Angels & Dust
Director: Hector Herrera
Pitcher: Nicolas Guilleminot
Attika - Spain

Director: Juan Álvarez
Pitchers: Virginia Bogliolo & Juan Álvarez
Tarkiofilm - Uruguay

Casals. The song of peace
Directors: Laurent Dufreche & Anais Muñoz
Pitcher: Laurent Dufreche
Nais Productions - Spain

Cyberattack 2.0 - What if...?
Director and pitcher: Michael Grotenhoff
Filmtank – Germany

Director: Ben Lewis
Pitchers: Bettina Walter & Ben Lewis
Polar Star Films & Majade & BLTV - Spain, Germany & United Kingdom

Crack in the Radio
Director and pitcher: Travis Beard
Playwork Films - Australia

Don McCullin: Unreasonable Behaviour
Director: Jacqui Morris
Pitchers: Jacqui Morris & Nikki Parrott
Tiger Lily Films - United Kingdom

Être et Durer
Director and pitcher: Serena Mignani
Imago Orbis - Italy

Director: Margat Saryan
Pitcher: Dagne Vildziunaite
Just a Moment - Lithuania

Fault lines
Director: Donagh Coleman
Pitchers: Donagh Coleman & Venla Hellstedt
Illume - Finland

Flying Food
Director: Marianna Economou
Pitchers: Marianna Economou & Christina Stavropoulou
Inkas Film & TV productions- Greece

Directors: Antón Calderón & María Royo
Pitchers: Olmo Figueredo & María Royo
La Claqueta PC & LZ Producciones, Spain

Director: Sebastián Alfie
Pitchers: Sebastián Alfie & Albert Solé
Minimal Films - Spain

Director: León Siminiani
Pitchers: León Siminiani & Maria Zamora
Avalon Productora - Spain

Matilda, Adolfo and Alicia
Director and pitcher: Gui Castor
AIE Cinema - Brasil

Director: Damir Cucic
Pitchers: Damir Cucic & Jana Sivak
Nukleus Film - Croatia

Out of Fashion
Director and pitcher: Jaak Kilmi
Kuukulgur Films, Estonia

Strawberry Fields not Forever
Director: Maite Vitoria Daneris
Pitchers: Maite Vitoria Daneris & Stefano Tealdi
Stefilm, Italy

The Cell
Director and pitcher: Koen Suidgeest
El Rayo Films, Spain

The Gospel of Camilo
Director: Diego Briceño-Orduz
Pitchers: Diego Briceño-Orduz & Ben Jamaa Sallah-Edine
Les Films Grain de Sable, France

The Hidden Smile
Director: Ventura Durall
Pitchers: Ventura Durall & Oscar Romagosa
Nanouk Films - Spain

The Housewife Inside Me
Director: Nur Tutal
Pitchers: Nur Tutal & Ivan Blanco
Mantaray Film, Sweden

To be Continued
Director: Lisa Diaz
Pitcher: Estelle Robin You & Lisa Diaz
Les Films du Baribali - France

Selected pitchers can pay the registration fee from the 17th to the 30th of December.

Pitching Forum Fees 2011

Activity description Fee
 Pitcher 1 385 €
 Pitcher 2 270 €
EDN/PROA Pitcher 1 335 €
EDN/PROA Pitcher 2 250 €
Observer 175 €
EDN/PROA observer 155 €

Special fees (applicable to list of countries below)

Pitcher 2 135 €
Pitcher 2 workshop 95 €
Observer 90 €


•    Bulgaria
•    Croatia
•    Czech Republic
•    Estonia
•    Hungary
•    Latvia
•    Lithuania
•    Poland
•    Romania
•    Slovakia
•    Slovenia
•    Cyprus
•    Malta
•    Greece

The fees include:
-    Access to pitching sessions
-    Master classes
-    5 festival screenings
-    Coffee breaks and lunches of 3th and 4th of February

* They do not include participation in the Pitching Workshop