DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Rough Cut Screenings

3 films in the rough cut stage will be presented to a select group of international distributors and sales agents, in a closed-door session. The idea is to generate creative and constructive criticism for the final editing and to close distribution agreements.

Rough Cuts selected are:

Dhallywood Stories
Elegant Mob Films, Spain

Pale Peko Bantu II
Savage Film, Belgium

The Kingdom of Mister Edhi
Lastor Media, Mundis Production, 43 Films, Spain & Belgium

Distributors and sales agents who are participating:

Claire Aguilar

Gitte Hansen
First Hand Films, Switzerland

Peter Jäger
Autlook, Austria

Reinhart Lohmann
ZDF/Arte, Germany

Joan Salvat
TVC, Spain

Nick Ware
Mercury Media, Joining the docs & Africa Channel, United Kingdom

(You can check their profiles at Financing Pitching Panel)