DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Master Classes

Meet the Masters

The master classes invite debate vis-à-vis the documentary genre. Since the beginning, DocsBarcelona has been strongly committed to the open discussion with professionals, students and general public in order to talk about the creative process, as well as the documentary film as a creative industry.

The master classes will take place in the auditorium of La Pedrera.

From people to puppets. Documentaries and animation, a meeting point


Thursday 30th of May at 17.00h
Master Class in French and Spanish with English and Catalan translation
Free admission

We will discover the experience of documentary films that have used animation in their narrative. Is it a fad? A trend? A stable future? We will illustrate the cases of DocsBarcelona 2013 opening film Approved for Adoption, and Thirty Years of Darkness, animation documentary nominated for the Goya Awards 2012. 


Jung – director, main character and illustrator of DocsBarcelona opening film Approved for adoption
Olmo Figueredo González Quevedo – producer of 30 años de oscuridad nominated for the Goya awards 2012 as Best Documentary


7 shots 7 – Michael Glawogger

Thursday 30th of May at 19.00h
Master Class in English with Catalan translation
Price: 6€/5€ with discount  


Each year with 7 SHOTS 7, DocsBarcelona invites a prominent figure from the documentary world to select 7 shots or sequences from his work to serve as the point of departure for a debate on the audiovisual language. This year our choice is Michael Glawogger.

Michael Glawogger is a director, writer and cinematographer. His recent works range from the literary adaptation Kill Daddy Good Night to his documentary essays Megacities and Workingman’s Death. He not only moves back and forth between cinematic forms and genres, but also between filmmaking, photography and writing. With Whores’ Glory, presented this year at DocsBarcelona, he completes his trilogy on the global world of work. 

From Bannanas! to Big Boys Gone Bannanas!

Friday 31st of May at 17.00h
Master Class in Spanish with English translation
Price: 6€/ 5€ with discount


Case study focused on the journey undergone by a filmmaker from the moment his socially committed work came out.
Fredrick Gertten received really strong pressures from the corporation he was condemning, but on the other hand, the Swedish Parliament supported him.
An analysis on freedom of expression and its role in the globalized society of the 21st century.  


Fredrik Gertten is an award winning director and journalist based in Malmö, Sweden. In 1994 he founded the production company WG Film. Today he combines film making with a role as a creative producer on WG Film - famous for local stories with a global understanding; he has been recognized internationally for his commitment to freedom of expression. This year DocsBarcelona will revisit Bananas! and Big Boys Gone Bananas!


My first documentary

Friday 31st of May at 19.00h
Master Class in Spanish and Catalan with English translation
Free admission


Case study of the experiences and the process involved in making a first film. Some of the festival directors will share what it meant for them to make their first documentary: the hopes, challenges, difficulties, complicities...


Chico Pereria –Pablo’s Winter director
Luisa Sossa –Inés director
Andreu Mexide – Marquise director
Roger Soldevila and Isaac Martínez -  En un xip multicolor directors