DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Rough Cut Screenings

For the second consecutive year, DocsBarcelona is holding the Rough Cut Screenings. A place where television broadcasters, distributors and sales agents can see projects in the final pre-editing phase.

Three documentaries are presented to a selection of television broadcasters, distributors and sales agents from around the world in a closed-door session. The aim is to generate creative and constructive discussions between the two sides and to reach possible distribution agreements.


Rough Cuts selected:

Ishinomaki "rock 'n roll city"
Fukahire Films - Argentina

La vida de Iñaki
Arena comunicación / Txalapart - Spain


Umbilical - Spain


Distributors and sales agents:

Melissa Caron - Echo Bridge Entertainment (USA)
Osnat Eden-Fraiman - YES TV (Israel)
Peter Jäger – AUTLOOK (Austria)
Simon Kilmurry – POV (USA)
José Rodriguez - Tribeca Film Institute (USA)
Joan Salvat – TVC (Spain)

(You can check their profiles at Financing Pitching Panel)