DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Financing Pitching Panel

Jordi Ambròs - TVC
Scriptwriter, director, executive producer and Commissioning Editor for Televisió de Catalunya/TV3 (Spain)

Televisió de Catalunya is the public Catalan broadcaster and depends on the Catalan Autonomous Government. TVC has historically been the most watched TV by Catalunya’s citizens. TVC is the major producer of television content and it operates 4 channels. These are some of the programmes which show documentaries: "El Documental", creative proposals with social undertones; "60 minuts", currently affairs and politics; and some other, focused on arts and culture, nature and environment, science, travel or history.

Lluna Antúnez - XTVL
Xarxa de Televisions Locals (Spain)

Xarxa de Televisions Locals (XTVL) is a structure of consultation, coordination and cooperation with local media, which aims to strengthen the value chain of local communication in the field of information content, programmes and services to make them available to citizens, and implement all the technologies available that allow wider dissemination of these contents and services.

Manel Arranz - TVE
Director of Programming for La 2 TVE (Spain)

La 2 is the cultural and citizen participation channel of TVE, the public service broadcaster. Its main content is movies, sports and documentaries. Most of these documentaries are acquisitions, but some are inhouse productions or coproductions.

Oriol Baquer - SLOT TV
General Director of Slot TV (Spain)

SLOT Serveis Audiovisuals was created in Barcelona in 1994 as a distribution company and has become a key player in the Spanish audiovisual market. SLOT takes part in the most important international markets. Moreover, it has established excellent relations with the producers and distributors of television departments of the National Film Board of Canada, Granada Media, All3Media, S4C, Films Transit, GA&A and TV Loonland, just to name a few of the companies listed in the SLOT catalogue. Slot has also handled the international sales for some of the most important Spanish companies and television channels, including Ovideo, Kepry Films, Tibidabo Films, K-2000, Plural Entertainment and Euskal Telebista. Since 2006, Slot has been negotiating the sales for the TVC department.

Kathryn Bonnici - JAVA FILMS
Responsible for foreign acquisitions, pre-sales and co-productions for Java Films (France)

Java Films is one of Europe's leading independent documentary distributors, specialized in current affairs, social issues, human-interest and history films. To promote their films most effectively, Java Films attends an average of 20 markets or festivals every year. They are also involved in co-productions and pre-sales.


Responsible for sales and adquisitions of Taskovski Films (U.K.)

Taskovski Films Ltd. is London based world sales and production company of independent documentary and fiction films.  Taskovski Films is co-producer and sales agent of the multi-award winner documentary "Czech Dream", "Czech Peace", "People I could have been and maybe I am", "Cooking History", and many others. The company's main activities are: promotion and sales, development, financing and co-producing documentary and feature films and festival consultancy and publicity services.

Anton Calleja - EURIMAGES
Project Manager, Eurimages (France)

Eurimages is the Council of Europe fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works. Set up in 1988 as a Partial Agreement it currently has 36 Member States. Eurimages aims to promote the European film industry by encouraging the production and distribution of films and fostering co-operation between professionals.

VP International Sales Europe at Echo Bridge Entertainment (USA)

Echo Bridge Entertainment is a premiere independent content company that acquires and distributes motion pictures, television series, specials, documentaries, home entertainment, PC games and digital and video-on-demand content throughout the world. With its recent acquisition of Alliance Atlantis International Distribution Ltd., Echo Bridge has added over 7,500 hours of programming to its existing library – creating a combined portfolio of more than 5.000 titles.

Arianna Castoldi - WIDE HOUSE
Sales Assistant for Wide Management (France)

Founded in 2010, WIDE HOUSE is the independent documentary sales and presales branch of WIDE MANAGEMENT. Wide House represents feature length documentaries, formats and TV series with strong character driven stories. Wide House takes care of 3 to 5 theatrical titles a year, creative documentaries having a potential for an all rights distribution and dealing with social and humanistic issues, culture, history. Those titles, along with their catalogue, are selected and represented in the major festivals around the world.

Ali Delici - ARTE FRANCE
Commissioning editor for ARTE France (France)

ARTE is an European channel launched in 1991 with the intention to create a “new specifically European Television culture”. Documentaries represent about a 41% of total programming or 500 hours annually, approx. 


Osnat Eden-Fraiman - YES TV
Acquisitions manager at Yes TV (Israel)

Yes Docu was launched more than 5 years ago and it is one of the two documentary channels of Israel. They support and invest in local documentary films and series (Hebrew speaking, focusing on local Israeli subjects). They acquire more than 300 films every year of human interest, including many award winning films. Some of the films programmed are international pre-buys.

Lorenzo Hendel - RAI 3
Commissioning editor for RAI 3 (Italy)

RAI 3 is one of the channels of RAI, the Italian nation public service broadcaster owned by the state. They broadcast about 20 documentaries every year: 50% are presales and 50% are acquisitions. The projects they support are monitored since the beginning to the last edition.

Managing Director of Autlook (Austria)

Autlook Filmsales is a sales agent based in Vienna. They select around 25 TV-docs a year and up to 5 docs with international theatrical/DVD potential. They distribute internationally to all media, do pre-sales, support production development and make marketing strategies for films they are working with. Autlook Filmsales regards attending most international film markets and festivals as a very important part of the sales-strategy.

Simon Kilmurry - POV
Executive Director at POV (USA)

POV is American public television longest running showcase for independent nonfiction films. POV airs new independent documentaries on PBS. POV documentaries are contemporary social issues, covered with a point of view and with a human face. PBS has 356 member stations, and they offer the Americans the opportunity to explore new ideas through television and online content.

KRUGGJutta Krug - WDR
Commissioning editor for WDR - Documentary Department (Germany)

WDR is a regional public service channel in the ARD network, based in the German State Nordrhein-Westfalen. WDR is involved in 3sat and ARTE. The strand “Dokumentarfilm” gives priority to personal documentaries of any length and theme.


Andrés Luque - TVE
Executive Producer of the Culture of TVE (Spain)

TVE (Televisión Española) is the public service broadcaster in Spain, and has two channels: TVE-1 and TVE-2. TVE-1 shows a wide range of programming, especially entertainment and information. TVE-2 (o La 2) is the cultural channel, and its main content is movies, sports and documentaries.

Carolina Martínez - IMG WORLD
Entertainment Sales Executive Spain, Portugal & Italy in IMG Media (USA)

IMG Entertainment operates as part of globally renowned Sports and Entertainment group IMG Media, providing over 1200 hours focussed on factual and lifestyle content to a worldwide audience. IMG Entertainment endeavours to continue delivering engrossing and engaging programming for worldwide audiences for the years to come, as they build long running series and stunning specials to sit at the heart of programming schedules around the world.

Head of MEDIA Antena Catalunya (Spain)

MEDIA Antena Catalunya is the information office of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union in Catalonia. There is a network of MEDIA offices in each of the EU Member States. All offices are associated equally with a public entity linked to the audiovisual world (in the case of Catalonia, it is the Generalitat and ICIC). The European Commission publishes several times a year a series of calls for proposals, aimed at professionals in various fields of activity of the MEDIA Programme (training, development, distribution and promotion).

Charlie Phillips - SHEFFIELD DOC/FEST
Marketplace Director for Sheffield Doc/Fest (UK)

Sheffield Doc/Fest is the UK's major opportunity for meeting the world's documentary and factual media professionals for 5 days of watching films, pitching projects and discussing the latest issues in documentary and interactive media. Doc/Fest includes MeetMarket, an innovative way of presenting ideas one-on-one to over 200 decision makers, and an Interactive strand packed with new ways of making factual work, making social impact, and building a sustainable career as a digital media creator or financier.

Claudia Rodríguez - RTVC Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia
International Sales, Coproductions & Alliances at TRVC Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)

RTVC is a communication network that links the country through a comprehensive system of antennas, and it is the most powerful of Colombia. Through its channels, radio stations and internet portals, RTVC offers a wide range of content, and it forms, informs, educates and entertains, plays and transforms Colombians life. Señalcolombia is a national public broadcaster. Beyond being an educational and cultural channel it is a space for creation. The channel promotes the story of the local and universal sense, and with this process it creates the audiovisual memory.

Program Associate for the Documentary Programs at the Tribeca Film Institute (USA)

The Tribeca Film Institute is a 501(c)(3) year-round nonprofit arts organization founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff in the wake of September 11, 2001. TFI empowers filmmakers through grants and professional development, and is a resource for and supporter of individual artists in the field. The Institute’s educational programming leverages an extensive network of people in the film industry to help New York City students learn filmmaking and gain the media skills necessary to be productive citizens and creative individuals in the 21st century.

Joan Salvat - TVC
Head of Documentaries of Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)

Televisió de Catalunya is the public Catalan broadcaster and depends on the Catalan Autonomous Government. TVC has historically been the most watched TV by Catalunya’s citizens. TVC is the major producer of television content and it operates 4 channels. These are some of the programmes which show documentaries: "El Documental", creative proposals with social undertones; "60 minuts", currently affairs and politics; and some other, focused on arts and culture, nature and environment, science, travel or history.

Yorinde Segal - IDFA
IDFA FORUM Coordinator (The Netherlands)

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA is one of the leading documentary events in the world, offering filmmakers and producers an international platform for their new documentaries. Because so many of the most prominent TV buyers, festival programmers, distributors and sales agents are on hand in Amsterdam each year, the festival is a key launch pad for creative documentary films. But IDFA is not only the meeting place for professionals - it also draws a huge audience eager to check out the newest documentaries. The 200.000 tickets sold each year are a guarantee that the theatres will be full.

Acquisitions manager at Doc Alliance Films (Czech Republic) is a Video on Demand platform focused on documentary and experimental films. The selective catalogue consists of over 600 films, with an emphasis on European cinema, available worldwide for a small fee for stream or download. Every month expands its catalog with the addition of up to 20 new titles chosen by the six partner festivals involved in Doc Alliance. The films are selected on the basis of strict dramaturgic criteria, with an emphasis on their social and aesthetic value and signature style. Directors, producers, distributors and students are invited to register their films, thus offering them the possibility to make use of this unique distribution channel.

Iñigo Trojaola - CANAL +
Head Editor of Documentaries at Canal + (Spain)

Canal + is a Premium Pay-tv Station.   They look for very new titles with very high production values. Canal+ acquires about 100 hours of documentaries per year, and prebuys around 10-15 hours. Four their Dok Brand, around 20 long feature documentaries, usually the most successful documentaries in the international and national panorama. For this channel they also acquire blue chip wildlife productions and documentaries related to sports, cinema, fashion music, television series. In September 2010 they launched Canal + Xtra which offer an alternative TV programming. For this channel they acquire about 40 documentaries every year, many of them related to arts.

Olga Valencia - BTV (Barcelona Televisió)
Docs Programme Director at BTV (Spain)

Barcelona Televisió – BTV- broadcasted for the first time in November 1994. The channel was first conceived as proximity channel for Barcelona residents, offering quality programmes, while placing special interest on culture and local viewer participation and focusing on local and innovative programmes. As a result, a number of the channel’s programmes have been honoured by international and domestic institutions.

Wim Van Rompaey - LICHTPUNT
Commissioning editor for Lichtpunt (Belgium)

Lichtpunt is an independent broadcaster and has a two weekly TV-programmes on the second channel of the Flemish public broadcast (VRT). Lichtpunt is subsidised by the Flemish government. The mission of Lichtpunt is to bring documentaries, interviews and feature films from a humanist point of view. Therefore Lichtpunt broadcasts human/social-interest programmes. Lichtpunt produces a part of its programmes by its own staff, but also buys and co-produces on the international market.

Jenny Westergard - YLE
Commissioning Editor for documentaries in the YLE Co-production department (Finland)

YLE FST is the Swedish language channel on YLE. YLE FST offers full service 7 days a week with an average broadcast of 2200 hours/ year. The main language is Swedish, but all programmes are subtitled to Finnish. At the moment YLE FST has two weekly slots for documentaries; focusing on contemporary, social, political, human interest strong stories with good characters.