DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


The seventeenth edition of DocsBarcelona arrives with a proposal of more than 40 titles full of unique stories and characters that fight for a better world. The festival kicks off with The Good Son, the story of Or, a 22 year old boy who, decides to fulfill his dream whatever the cost may be; and the festival ends with the premiere of Five Days to Dance, the story of two dancers who have five days to make a group of teenagers dance. A tight deadline for a big challenge: to move people when the world is paralyzing us.

The Official Section brings titles like Demonstration where Victor Kossakovsky and 32 students document the massive protests of March and November 2012 in Barcelona against the government’s austerity plans. Bugarach, a film directed by Ventura Durall, Sergi Cameron and Salvador Sunyer, the story of a small village in the south of France. It is the only place on the planet that will presumably survive the apocalypse. Its inhabitants will see their peaceful existence altered by the visiting eccentrics and passer-bys. Return to Homs, a unique opportunity to see from the inside the reality of a country afflicted by a complex conflict that nobody really knows how to explain or Everyday Rebellion, a documentary about non-violent and civil disobedience protests that have been taking place in the last few years around the world: from the Arab Spring to the Occupy Wall Street or the “Indignados” (Outraged).

New Visions section includes films like My Stuff a documentary that questions the moral and financial needs of our consumerist society or Avant about the national dance company of Uruguay led by Julio Bocca.

Special Sessions welcome titles like the controversial film Ciutat Morta by Xapo Ortega and Javier Artigas, awarded with the Silver Award for Best Documentary at Festival of Malaga, The E-waste tragedy by Cossima Dannoritzer an investigation of the illegal traffic of electronic waste from Europe and the USA to China and Africa or Glance Up by Oriol Martinez and Enric Ribes that tells the story of Joan Pahisa, a 27 year old boy that has a great passion: basketball. This wouldn’t be extraordinary if it wasn’t for a little detail: he is 1 metre high.

Finally, DocsBarcelona unveils two new sections: DOC -U, a new section devoted to documentary production within Catalan universities; and Sense Ficció Section to celebrate the fifth anniversary of TV3’s program Sense Ficció.