DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Case studies

Álvaro Liuzzi

Proyecto Walsh
Proyecto Walsh (2010): A virtual, real time reconstruction of the investigation “Operation Massacre” carried out by author and journalist Rodolfo Walsh during 1956/57. A story defragmented in various digital platforms, narrated half a century later and in constant dialogue with the users. His hypothesis “What would have happened if for his investigative work for “Operation Massacre” Rodolfo Walsh had had at his disposal the digital publishing tools that journalists have today?  (Duration: 1 year)

Malvinas 30
Malvinas 30 (2012): Documentary experience that managed to reconstruct for 6 months and through various digital platforms, the events of the Falklands War as they happened in 1982. Based on extensive archive work the project was conceived as a space for digital memory of the armed conflict between Argentina and England in the South Atlantic islands, and it includes first person accounts, historic streamings in real time and interactivity with the audience.  (Duration: 6 months)

Maria Ripoll and Lisa Pram

Chromosome Five
Cromosoma Five is a story about losing and finding. It starts with the birth of Andrea, a premature, lovely and different girl. Cromosoma Cinc is a documentary and a webdoc. It’s a multidisciplinary project that combines various formats: drawings, photos, texts, and external links to learn more about what’s told in the film.

Sebastián Melo

The Quipu project is collaborating with rural communities that were affected by the sterilization campaign carried out in Peru, in order to develop a communication system that will allow them to tell their stories to the world via telephones.
This interactive documentary aims to collect and share some of the testimonies from the over 300,000 people that were sterilized in the 90s – many of them forcibly or without their informed consent.

Andreu Meixide

DocS.21 Documentary Festival of Digital Narratives
DocS.21 Documentary Festival of Digital Narratives was born as a lab in which to identify, develop and give visibility to non-fiction creators and projects that experiment with typically digital narrative practices.
The digital era offers new tools, new approaches, new ways of telling and living stories. DocS.21 aims to be a festival for these new ways, a documentary festival of its century, the 21st century.
The first festival of its kind, DocS.21 is conceived as a mixed format between a digital festival  (Docs21>digital from May 10th to 20th at ) and a physical festival (Docs21>physical, on June 13th in Zaragoza).

Mike Robbins

A multi-year and multi-platform collaboration with the Canadian filmmaker Kat Cizek and the NFB, an epic exploration of vertical living around the world. Helios has been involved with the production from the beginning, and have learned a huge amount from the collaborative models developed over the last 5 years.

After the Storm
A collaboration with Tuscaloosa, Alabama filmmaker Andrew Beck Grace, After the Storm is visual narrative and audio soundscape, born out of the 2011 devastation of Tuscaloose by a tornado. The project takes the form of a spoken word essay that connects his family's personal experience to more a universal thread of resilience. It’s also a great example of a great distance creative relationship.

Simon Duflo and Víctor Serna

You will be shown a sample of an interactive documentary made with Klynt about Paris underground's Catacombes introduced by Spanish filmmaker Victor Serna. This case study will both be the occasion to discover this underground world and to see what an indie filmmaker can do with a tool like Klynt.

Valerie Delpierre

La llamada
The sudden death of a person could mean hope for another one who needs a transplant. But how can somebody who just lost a loved one face this decision in such a tough moment? This is one of the challenges faced daily by transplant coordinators, a little known professional role which constitutes the cornerstone of the “Spanish model” of transplants.
With the aim of raising the viewers’ awareness on the importance of organ donation, La llamada sets out to follow step by step the labyrinthine tour of a coordinator throughout a donation case. The net user will learn about the procedures and conflicts that arise in a situation as critical as is an organ transplant.

Mads Damsbo

World Online Orchestra
World Online Orchestra (WOO) is an interactive symphony that you can join.
It’s a story of how a centuries-old musical genius like Beethoven can travel through time and speak clearly to us with the tools of the present, to make us understand and remember that the rhythm, melody, harmony, and all the colours of music, all form a complex modern language that might not have words, but still speaks volumes about togetherness and transcendence.
WOO exists as a beta right here, right now, and has been funded on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter, so that it can reach its fullest potential.
Beyond WOO lies an educational dimension. We want WOO to become a fun and inspirational tool from where you can dive into the secrets of classical music, and even be co-creative with them.

Jorge Caballero + Estampa Workshop

Webdoc projects from the UAB’s Master in Creative Documentary:

SoloS is a family portrait told through two stories and various films in just one screen.

SEAT. Ombres del progrés
The story behind SEAT and its connection with Franco’s regime.

An essay on subtitles.

Eva Domínguez

Hackathon, seeds for experimentation
The experience of hackathon meetings as a way to create and experiment that needs to grow and mature towards more stable formats.

Remco Vlaanderen

Last Hijack Interactive
Submarine Channel’s latest web documentary Last Hijack Interactive lets you experience the murky world of piracy in Somalia from the eyes of a pirate and a captain. It’s their story, but also the story of their families, the journalists, lawyers and negotiators in both Somalia and the West. Exploring both sides of the story, Last Hijack Interactive allows you to uncover the complex realities behind piracy in Somalia. Combining live-action video and animation, the interactive experience gives the user the opportunity to navigate the real stories of real people, building to the hijack itself and the resulting aftermath. How can one such event influence an entire society? What’s the global impact of a single hijack?

Unspeak - Words Are Weapons
Unspeak is an interactive documentary investigating the manipulative power of language based on British journalist Steven Poole’s intriguing book of the same name. Blending filmmaking, data, and design, the story of Unspeak unfolds across a series of 6 short mash-up films, data visualizations, and a participatory Unspeak dictionary.
Through a radical collage of archival footage, quotes, and Steven Poole’s own enlightening analyses, the short films  critically and satirically reveal the unspoken messages and obscured meanings behind many familiar media terms such as Weapons of Mass Destruction, Global Warming, File Sharing, Austerity Measures, or Erectile Dysfunction.