DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Selected projects

These are the 15 projects chosen to be pitched at DocsBarcelona Pitching Forum on May 29th 2014.

Above the Volcano
Producer& pitcher: Maël Mainguy
Director & pitcher: Sébastien Mesquida
What’s Up Productions - France

And the Ship Sails On
Director & producer & pitcher : Rudy Gnutti
Director Assistant & pitcher: Bernat Udina Guàrdia
Ancora Musica & Nao Cinematografia & Films 59 & Blue Film & Gebrueder Beetz Film
Spain & Italy & Germany

Children of Las Brisas
Producer & pitcher: Andy Glynne
Director & pitcher: Marianela Maldonado
Mosaic Films & Invento Films & Sancocho Films
United Kingdom & Venezuela

My Life My Lesson
Producer & pitcher: Oscar Hedin
Director & pitcher: Åsa Ekman
Film and Tell & Giljotin – Sweden & Norway

Next Stop: Utopia
Producer & pitcher:  Marco Gastine
Director & pitcher: Apostolos Karakasis
Minimal Films & Lichtblick Film - Greece & Germany

Notes on Blindness
Director & producer & pitcher: Peter Middleton
Archer's Mark & 104 Films - United Kingdom

On the Wings of Mantras
Director & producer & pitcher: Georgia Wyss
Producer & pitcher: Raymond McCormack
Tengotwo – Spain

Quipu Project
Producer & pitcher: Sebastian Melo
Director & pitcher: Rosemarie Lerner
Chaka Studio - United Kingdom & Peru

Speed Sisters
Director & producer & pitcher: Amber Fares
Producer & pitcher: Avi Goldstein
SocDoc Studios- United States of America

The Getaway Girl
Producer & pitcher: Mike Lerner
Director & pitcher: Riete Oord
Roast Beef Productions - United Kingdom

The Idea of Europe, an Open Dialogue
Director & pitcher: Montecarlo
Química visual - Spain

The Wellness Process
Producer & pitcher: Corina Gliga
Director: Marius Iacob
Manekino Film & DOCDAYS Productions – Romania & Germany

TiLT Nowhere Country
Producer & pitcher:  Mara Guerrini
Director & pitcher: Leonardo Petix
BloopersLab - Italy

To the Amazon
Director & pitcher: Clare Weiskopf
Producer& pitcher: Nicolas Van Hemelryck
docTárantula - Colombia

War Games
Producer & pitcher:  Carles Pastor Pares
Director & pitcher: Alba Sotorra Clua
Gaia Audiovisuals & Dirk Manthey Films & Promarfi Futuro 2010 & Loto Films 
Spain & Germany

If you are one of the selected projects, click here to do the payment.

Selected pitchers can pay the registration fee from April 22nd until May 2nd 2014.

Pitching Forum Fees 2014

Description of the activity Fee (21% VAT excluded)          Fee (21% VAT INCLUDED*)  
Pitcher 1 330,58 €                                  400 €
Pitcher 2        0 €                                     0 €

(Bank transfer expenses must be in charge by the participant)

* New regulation requires us to apply the 21% VAT on the DocsBarcelona Activity Fees.

** Non Spanish European companies or professionals with an intra-community VAT number registered at VIES (Vat Information Exchange System) are not subject to 21% VAT.