DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Speed Meetings selected

These are the 16 projects from the Catalan industry that have been selected for the Speed Meetings 2014:

80º Latitude
Producer & Participant: Guille Cascante
Script writer & Participant: Javier Argüello
Goroka – Spain

A Family Story
Producer & Participant: Valérie Delpierre
Director: Pablo Rogero
Inicia Films - Spain

Broken Shield
Director: Cyprien Clément-Delmas
Director: Daniel L. Fortuny
Director: Igor Kosenko
Producer: Luis Cerveró
Producer & Participant: Emília Fort Molas
Producer & Participant: Tono Folguera
Terranova & Lastor Media- Spain

Producer & Director & Participant: Eugenia Giné
Directora & Participant: Carme Puche
Mamba Media - Spain

Constructing Albert
Producer & Co-Director & Participant: Laura Collado
Co-Producer & Participant: Maria Borrás
Trueday Films - Spain

Cover-up in Valencia
Director: Vicent Peris
Producer & Participant: Joan Úbeda
Participant: Àlex Badia Tamarit
Mediapro & Barret Films - Spain

Dancing with Closed Eyes
Directora & Producer: Lucija Stojevic
Production coordinator & Participant: Sandra Olsina
Noon Films - Spain

Dead Slow Ahead
Producer & Participant: Ventura Durall
Director: Mauro Herce
Nanouk Films – Spain

Dry Tree
Producer & Participant: Oriol Cortacans
Director & Participant: Marc Recha
Batabat – Spain

Producer & Participant: Tània Balló
Director & Participant: Andrés Duque
Intropia Media - Spain

One Man Band
Producer & Participant: Aritz Cirbián
Director & Participant: Javier R. Cortés
Co-director: Patrick Botticchio
Primitive Films- Spain

Qian’s Obsession
Producer & Participant: Oriol Gispert Lafuente
Director & Participant: Oriol Martinez Dominguez
La Lupa Produccions- Spain

Sex, Maracas and Chihuahuas
Producer & Participant: Albert Solé
Director & Participant: Diego Mas Trelles
Minimal Films- Spain

The woman who researches, the girl who waits and the man who provides
Director & Participant: Francesc Escribano
Participant: Josep Ll. Sanfeliu i Benet
Minoria Absoluta - Spain

Touched by the waves
Co-director & Producer & Participant: Manu Benavente
Co-director & Director of Photography: Alfonso Garrido
Manual SCCL - Spain

Voices for peace
Directora & Participant: Susana Guardiola Lapuente
Productor: Fernando Casado
Global Cad Produccions & Más Imagen & BE360- Spain & Chile & Uruguay


SPEED MEETINGS aims to promote 16 projects from the Catalan industry that have not been selected by the Pitching Forum 2014. It consists in 10 minutes meetings one-to-one between the selected projects and 6 of the commissioning editors from the Financing Pitching Panel

Cristina Aragao - Globo TV
Manel Arranz - TVE (Televisión Española)
Ryan Harrington – Tribeca Film Institute
Jo Lapping – BBC
Marc López – ICEC Audiovisual Department
Carolina Martínez – IMG MEDIA
Karen Michael - ARTE France
Brigid O'Shea – DOK Leipzig
Mayolo Reyes - Once TV México
Iñigo Trojaola - CANAL +
Wim Van Rompaey – Lichtpunt
Jenny Westergård – YLE

To access their completed profiles, check the Financing Pitching Forum section.

Venue: CCCB, Sala Raval - C. Montalegre 5
Friday Mai 30th 2014
9.00 am to 11.00 am with coffee break
Organized by:
DocsBarcelona, Catalan Films & TV and Pro-Docs