DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival

Latin Forum

DocsBarcelona has observed that Latin American talent in the documentary field is growing. This year DocsBarcelona has created the Latin Forum, thanks to the support of Ibermedia and with the collaboration of DOC MEETING Argentina and DOCMONTEVIDEO.

6 Latin American projects will benefit from a training experience in DocsBarcelona.

The representatives of the project will have access to the Pitching Workshop, to the Pitching Forum as observers, to Festival screenings and Master Classes, and finally they will present their projects (in a closed-door session in Palau Robert) in the Latin Forum, in front of the following Financing Pitching Panel:

•    Claire Aguilar ITVS (USA)
•    Roberto Blatt Chello Multicanal (Spain)
•    Patricia Finneran Sundance Institute (USA)
•    Bert Janssens Humanistische Omroep (The Netherlands)
•    Joan Salvat Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)
•    Jenny Westergaard YLE (Finland)
•    Wim Van Rompaey Lichtpunt (Belgium)

(You can check their profiles at Financing Pitching Panel)

The professionals benefited from the Ibermedia grant have been selected among the participants presented at DOC MEETING Argentina and DOCMONTEVIDEO 2010; and between all the latin projects submitted to DocsBarcelona Pitching Forum 2011 selection.

The grant holders are:

African Women
Director: Eliza Capai
Tas a Ver, Brazil
Doc Meeting Argentina

Director: Agustina Macri
Fly Films, Argentina
Doc Meeting Argentina

Con la noche dentro
Director: Sergio Estrada
Imago, Bolivia

El gran circo pobre de Timoteo
Director: Lorena Giachino
Errante Producciones, Chile

Director: Jorge Caballero
GusanoFilms, Colombia

Director: Paula Schargorodsky